Game 5 scorecard for 2016 World Series

This is the 8th

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Erik Maldre

I almost went to Game 5. After the Cubs lost Game 4 (going down 3 games to 1) the ticket prices dramatically dropped.

Before Game 3 Standing Room Only tickets were consistently $2000.
Before Game 4 (Cubs down 2 games to 1) they were $1375.
After Game 4 they dropped to $724. And there even was an aisle seat in the Upper Deck in the diamond area (not the outfield boonies) for $750. I have screen captures of all these stubhub prices. The aisle seat specifically was Section 532 Row 3 Seat 1.

I struggled with the decision but ultimately decided to stay home for three reasons:
1) I’d rather watch three innings with the kids (before they went to bed), then watch the game in person. Though their interest levels varies a great deal from game to game.
2) I didn’t want to miss pumpkin carving with the kids.
3) I was sick.

Reason number three was the final nail. If I went there’s a chance an ambulance would have picked me up out of the gutter on Addison Street before I even got into the ballpark.

Erik Maldre

This scorecard is probably my favorite of the seven, though the Russell grand slam in Game Six was my second favorite memory of the World Series. So it’s hard to pick between the Game Five and Game Six scorecards.

The new illustration style nicely matches the angular nature of scorecards. And there’s a lot great memories from this game that you captured very well. That Heyward catch really contrasts the 2016 postseason with the 2003 postseason when the Cubs melted down after a fan rightfully attempted to catch a foul ball that was clearly in the stands.


@ChicagoMag @mattmaldre Are copies available? Any chance you’d consider donating to @OpenHeartMagic for their Silent Auction?? #FlyTheW
(tweet left on November 2)

Mike Nicoletti

Great pitching by all, GREAT game and Chapman, with his lightning pitches, hurdle the Cubs to Cleveland for an exciting World Serious game 6..(y)
(Facebook comment left on October 31 at 8:58am)

Joanna Shalin Mattia

Matt – have really enjoyed seeing your artistic talents in this medium. Terry Mattia check this out (as well as the other ones Matt has created).
(Facebook comment left on October 31 at 9:41am)

Alana Stegich Weisberg

Where can I get copies of these?! Would love to frame them!
(Facebook comment left on October 31 at 10:53am)

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