Game 6 scorecard for 2016 World Series

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Game 6 scorecard for 2016 World Series by Matt Maldre

So many incredible moments from game six to illustrate

Grand slam, pair of homeruns by , diving catch by Heyward, goofy errors by Indian outfielders, strikeout record almost tied, the incredible bullet throw by Heyward, the scoop play by Báez, super-fraction close call play by Chapman, and this game enabled us to a game 7!

I focused on just three moments for this scorecard. Russell’s grand slam, Rizzo’s HR, and Bryant’s HR.

Addison Russell’s grand slam

Pencil drawing of Addison Russell grand slam in game 6 of 2016 World Series Addison Russell hits a grand slam (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

Addison Russell’s grand slam will live in Cubs lore forever. The Cubs lead jumped from 3-0 to 7-0 in the third inning! Since the Cubs won 9-3, Russell got the game-winning RBI.

Cubs World Series game-winning RBIs:

  • Game 2: Kyle Schwarber single in the 3rd inning
  • Game 5: David Ross sacrifice fly in the 4th inning
  • Game 6: Addison Russell’s grand slam in the 3rd inning
  • Game 7: Miguel Montero’s single in the 10th inning

Addison Russell’s posture with him flying around the bases leaning forward totally fit with the cubist style of dominating shapes. Arm lined up straight back, head projecting forward, even his hunchback posture fit with the overall punch of this composition. (Photo reference Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

Since the Cubs were on the road, they were wearing their solid blue uniform tops. I rather missed the pattern that the pinstripes made. But at least Russell has a funky patterned tattoo on his right forearm. Subtle, but it’s there.

Adding extra design on the scorecard

For the drawings on this scorecard, I designed them a bit more. They each have a circle shape with the text coming out of the circle.

Designed scorecard for game 6 of 2016 World Series

To mimic the angles used in the drawings, I selected a specific font that also has angles in the letterforms. The font “Federation Classic” has some dramatic angles. Plus, it’s a bit more condensed face, enabling it to be set in a larger font size on the scorecard.

Federation Classic font from dafont

No intentional connection intended with Star Trek and the Cubs. 😉

Before this game, my brother (who designed the scorecards) faved a Cubs poster on the photo website, Flickr.


“I saw that Wrigley Field poster you liked on Flickr,” I told Erik over IM, “It made me think, I’d like to make my scorecards look like posters.”

Granted, this scorecard doesn’t look like a poster. But the little bit of extra design helps to make a step closer in that direction. As I mentioned in the blog post for game 5, doing scorecards for all the games in the series really helps me to develop the style for these scorecards. As an artist, I know the importance of working in a series to help develop your style and concept. The frequency of numbers gives you more room to play.

At some point, I’d like to continue making more scorecards for big Cubs games of the past. Along the way, I’ll develop more of a refined style.

Bryzzo homerun

The pairing of both Rizzo and Bryant hitting a home run in the same game was so much fun. I had to illustrate both of their home runs.

Pencil drawing of Kris Bryant hitting a home run in game 6 of 2016 World Series Kris Bryant hits home run in game six (Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune)

Bryant hit the first home run of the pair. In fact, with this game six home run, he now homered in back-to-back games! (Photo reference Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune)

In the 9th inning the other half of Bryzzo, Anthony Rizzo, went long. In fact, both players had at least three hits in this game. Bryant and Rizzo become the 5th pair of Cub teammates with at least three hits in one World Series game:

  • 2016 Game 6 Kris Bryant & Anthony Rizzo
  • 1945 Game 6 Stan Hack & Roy Hughes
  • 1945 Game 1 Phil Cavaretta & Andy Pafko
  • 1932 Game 3 Kiki Cyler & Billy Jurges
  • 1908 Game 5 Johnny Evers & Frank Chance

Pencil drawing of Anthony Rizzo hitting a homerun in game 6 of the 2016 World Series Anthony Rizzo hits a home run in game six (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

(Photo reference Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

And now, we have a game 7! Unbelievable. After game 4, it seemed so unlikely. But this is the 2016 Cubs. You can’t ever count them out.

Game six factoids


  • First pitch: Dennis Martinez
  • God Bless America: Army PFC Briahna Marie Shaniuk
  • National Anthem: Hunter Hayes
  • Indians lead series 3-2
  • Progressive Field attendance 38,116 (103.4% full)
  • 71 degrees, clear, 9mph wind out to center field

1st inning (top) Chicago Cubs batting

  • First pitch strike at 7:10pm
  • Addison Russell doubles, because ball drops between center fielder Tyler Naquin and right fielder Lonnie Chisenhall
  • Kris Bryant homerun, 433 feet, 106mph exit

Kris Bryant home run (2016 World Series, Game 6 scorecard)

2nd inning (top) Chicago Cubs batting

  • Jason Heyward flies to right fielder almost on warning track
  • Javier Baez out on Jason Kipnis fielding the ball left of second base

3rd inning (top) Chicago Cubs batting

  • Kyle Schwarber walks on 8-pitch at bat
  • Center fielder Tyler Naquin and right fielder Lonnie Chisenhall almost collide again, on Kris Bryant fly ball
  • Addison Russell hits a grand slam. 108 mph exit, 435 feet
    • Second youngest player to grand slam in a World Series (youngest is Mickey Mantle)
    • Tied World Series record for RBI in a game with six
    • First grand slam in a World Series since Paul Konerko in 2005

Addison Russell grand slam (2016 World Series, Game 6 scorecard)

4th inning (bottom) Cleveland Indians batting

  • Tyler Naquin bases loaded strikeout

5th inning (top) Chicago Cubs batting

  • Francisco Lindor makes an over-the-shoulder catch on Anthony Rizzo’s foul fly ball

5th inning (bottom) Cleveland Indians batting

  • Jason Kipnis home run

6th inning (top) Chicago Cubs batting

  • Confusion in the Indians outfield again. This time with left fielder Coco Crisp and center fielder Tyler Naquin

6th inning (bottom) Cleveland Indians batting

  • Lonnie Chisenhall 3-2 count walk Arrieta just misses tying Orval Overall (1908) for Cub World Series record of ten strikeouts.

7th inning (bottom) Cleveland Indians batting

  • Francisco Lindor single safe call overturned. Chapman injured covering first base.

8th inning (bottom) Cleveland Indians batting

  • Yan Gomes out on nice stop by Baez

9th inning (top) Chicago Cubs batting

  • Anthony Rizzo home run, 391 feet, 2 RBI. 12th time the Bryzzo combo homered in a game (10 regular season, 2 post-season)

Anthony Rizzo home run (2016 World Series, Game 6 scorecard)

9th inning (bottom) Cleveland Indians batting

  • Brandon Guyer out at second by bullet throw from right-fielder Jason Heyward


  • Cubs win Chicago 9, Cleveland 3
  • 1st time Cubs hit three home runs in a World Series game
  • Cubs pitchers with two World Series wins on the road in one series
    • Lew Burdette 1957
    • Bob Gibson 1967
    • Jake Arrieta 2016


Dedicated to Cubs fans who passed away during the days of the 2016 World Series

  • Janie Camp of Osakis, MN, 75 years old (January 4, 1941 – October 27, 2016)
  • Lori Ann Skeens of Delaware, 62 years old (April 4, 1954 – October 26, 2016)
  • Robert W. Haskins of Woodstock, IL, 87 years old (May 11, 1929 – October 25, 2016)
  • Elmer Louis Steinbach of Mayville, WI, 85 years old (January 24, 1931 – October 25, 2016)

Julia factoid

Before every Cubs World Series game, my six-month-old daughter likes to study all the Cubs players on my t-shirt!

Julia factoid (2016 World Series game 6 scorecard)

Game 6 promos Chicago magazine ran on social media

Attaboy, Addison! (Chicago magazine Facebook post)
Chicago magazine website
“Youngster Addison Russell came through with the early grand slam to help set up what will surely be an epic Game 7.”

Facebook post
“Attaboy, Addison!”

“This is a scorecard we’ll be admiring for a long time.

“Last night’s thrilling game, in beautiful hand-drawn scorecard form

Bryzzo promo for game 6 that Chicago magazine didn’t use:

Tomorrow’s scorecard

The game 7 scorecard… OH BOY. CAN YOU SAY CUBS WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS? Stay tuned.

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