Baseball a big hit in Halloween 2023

Numerous baseball costumes graced our neighborhood elementary school’s Halloween Parade today, and it was heartening to witness an abundance of children relishing the sport. Among the young participants, I couldn’t help but notice Elly De La Cruz. Did this young one intend to portray a rather chilling character, considering the batting averages of .238, .198, …

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Elimination number

The drama is real! @MLB’s new “Elimination” column is keeping us on the edge of our seats. As teams get closer to the “E,” the intensity is building. Who’s going to survive the cut?

Elly De La Cruz and Corbin Carroll

Last week I wrote about how Elly De La Cruz gets much more attention than Corbin Carroll. It’s fascinating how a highlights reel player gets more attention than stats. And then today, there’s a video of Elly robbing Carroll of an inside-the-park home run with a near-100 mph home. For kicks, I did some screenshots.

Yermin Mercedes retiring?!

I got the news that White Sox player Yermin Mercedes is retiring halfway through his rookie season. (via a tweet from @AndyMarfia) Wasn’t Mercedes incredible? First player ever to have 8 consecutive hits to start the season. I was surprised to hear he’s back down in the minors. His controversial 3-1 homerun (May 17). At …

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