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  1. Hi Matt,

    Wow! Your scorecards are freakin’ awesome! I found your site while searching for places to share a recent project, but now I feel kinda cheap and dirty for doing it! Regardless, it brought me hear and I first want say what a wonderful site you have!

    I’m a graphic designer / photographer who has a passion for similar things. If you visit my site, you’ll see several baseball inspired projects

  2. Hey guys – love the scorecards – I’m a bit of a scorecard junkie myself. I really like the layout of the Cubs card with the rosters on the side. Do they print it on heavy paper and is it matte or glossy? The Orioles scorecards over the past couple years have had a really nice layout in my opinion, although this year they stopped printing rosters directly on the card and you get an insert instead. The one thing that bugs me about them is they’re glossy so it makes erasing hard. But it looks like you guys maybe don’t believe in erasing. 🙂

    Regarding historical scorecards, I like to occasionally browse eBay for them. You see quite a few Red Stockings ones from the mid 1880s like this one (http://www.ebay.com/itm/1884-85-Cincinnati-RED-STOCKINGS-Scorecard-/270805517210?pt=Vintage_Sports_Memorabilia&hash=item3f0d44439a) – and for some reason 1890s Brooklyn scorecards are more common (ww.ebay.com/itm/1890-BROOKLYN-BRIDEGROOMS-versus-PITTSBURGH-SCORECARD-DODGERS-PIRATES-RARE-/380205864626?pt=Vintage_Sports_Memorabilia&hash=item58860916b2)

    I would really like to see someone start printing more artistic scorecards like the mid 1880s Red Stockings ones – have some hand painted artwork printed on the front. Seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to license some artwork and sell them outside of stadiums…if only I were back in college… 🙂

  3. A big baseball fan with a MOOC addiction, I’m currently taking the Sabermetrics 101 offering from Boston U. and another in experiment optimization from McMaster in Canada. I just started playing BTS a couple of weeks ago, and hit 15 in a row yesterday with Troy T. I started with a loose, “I know he’s a good hitter, the matchup looks good and he’s currently hitting well” strategy. Although so far so good, I’m starting to collect data to see if there’s any way I get build up some conviction to a particular strategy. So many questions for you, I’ll leave it to an e-mail exchange if you’re interested!

  4. Where’s the best place to find the stat “No Hit Days”?

    “No Hit Days” (NHD) is exactly what the stat says, this stat is the total amount of days a player did not get a hit when they had an AB (At Bat).

  5. Elliott James Gschwind

    Hi! I’ve been reading about this awesome scorecard you made for 2016 NLCS Game 6. It’s truly beautiful, and it will be great for you and your daughter yo have that moments forever. Frankly you’ve inspired me to keep my own scorecards for the 2016 World Series so I can create some memories of my own. Any chance your brother is making more cards like this for this upcoming series? Would you or he be willing to share with a fan? I’d be so grateful! Thanks, and Go Cubs! -Elliott

  6. hey there, I would love to buy a frameable print of the game 7 cubs vs indians world series scorecard. please let me know if you are seeing any of these and for how much.



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