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Chicago Cubs Golden Ratio

The front page of a newspaper matters. It is the very definitive representation of monumental civic, national, and global events. For 30-some years I often wondered what photo/headline would represent the ageless dream of a Chicago Cubs World Series Championship. That day finally arrived November 3rd thanks to the brilliance of the Chicago Tribune. Momentos […]

Clark the Cub was not the first Chicago Cubs mascot

Everyone is talking about the Cubs first mascot, Clark the Cub. However, he’s not the first Cubs mascot. You may have seen this scary delight from the 1920s: I guess Clark the Cub is better than their last mascot — John (@Manute_Troll) January 13, 2014 But the Cubs had another mascot. Back in the […]

Beckett Official Price Guide Baseball Cards

Alternative baseball card price values

The baseball card industry has just one official pricing guide–Beckett. The master of the land gets to decide the baseline prices for all baseball cards. This mighty giant has decided that the growing upstart COMC can no longer use their prices online. COMC is revolutionizing the baseball card industry by storing all the sellers cards […]

Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies coach, 2013

The return of Ryne Sandberg to Wrigley Field

This is pretty exciting as a Cubs fan. By dumb luck, I was able to see Ryne Sandberg’s last game as a Cub in 1997. By the same random measure, I will see his first return in uniform to Wrigley Field since then! I just learned he’s third base coach for the Phillies. My brother […]

Ichiro is the Hall of Fame

Google Translate’s response to: Ichiro is a Hall of Famer

Go ahead to and type in: Ichiro is a Hall of Famer and translate it to Japanese. You will get: ??????????? Now take that Japanese and translate it back into English. Look how it translates: Those Japanese feel strongly about Ichiro! You are spellbound. I know.

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