Game 4 scorecard for 2016 World Series

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Game 4 scorecard for 2016 World Series by Matt Maldre

Nerve damage?

Holding a pencil really tightly while doing game 4 scorecard for game 4 of 2016 World SeriesI did so much writing and drawing, that the tip of my right middle finger became numb. The way I hold a pencil, my middle finger gets a lot of pressure. Whenever I write anything, I tend to push pretty hard. On the scorecards, I write really small, so I need more control, thus I push even HARDER. My middle finger sees a lot of pressure.

It’s really strange to say that my fingertip got numb from filling in scorecards. Almost exactly one month later, I can start to feel with the tip of my middle finger again. Although the feeling is still a bit numb, thankfully, it is healing slowly.

The low-point for the Cubs

Another loss for the Cubs. This might have been the low-point for the Cubs in the World Series. After this loss, the Cubs were down 3-1 in the series. This Cubs team was supposed to be the best in baseball. But the Indians curveball pitching confounded the Cubs.

At least Dexter Fowler hit a home run, which set four new Cubs World Series records. However, that home run came with the Cubs down 1-7. It only gave the Cubs a 1% more chance of winning the game. To give a point of comparison, Dexter Fowler’s leadoff home run in game 7 gave the Cubs a 9% more chance of winning.

Fowler’s home run in game 4 was the lowest impact of all ten home runs hit in this World Series.

  1. Game 7, Rajai Davis: 39%
  2. Game 6, Kris Bryant: 14%
  3. Game 6, Addison Russell: 11%
  4. Game 6, Jose Ramirez: 11%
  5. Game 5, Carlos Santana: 11%
  6. Game 7, D. Fowler: 9%
  7. Game 7, David Ross: 9%
  8. Game 7, Javier Baez: 8%
  9. Game 5, Jason Kipnis: 4%
  10. Game 5, Dexter Fowler: 1%

Pencil drawing of Dexter Fowler in game 4 of 2016 World Series Dexter Fowler hits home run in game 4, 2016 World Series

(Photo reference Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

One thing the WPA stat doesn’t catch is the fact that Fowler’s home run broke Andrew Miller’s 24-inning streak of no runs allowed in the postseason. Andrew Miller was unstoppable throughout the postseason. But now, at least he gave up a run.

The biggest play of game four

How about that Kipnis 3-RBI home run in the 7th inning? That was devastating, right? Chicago-boy hits a home run against his Cubs at Wrigley Field. Well, that home run didn’t alter things all that much at the time. Emotionally, it hurt. But according to the stats, it wasn’t that bad.

The biggest play of the game would belong to a Kris Bryant throwing error. He had two throwing errors in the second inning. His first error allowed Chisenhall to get on base. His second error would allow Chisenhall to score. The Indians 2-1 lead would not be relinquished. This second error was the biggest play of game four, according to WPA stats. (Photo reference Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

Pencil drawing of Kris Bryant in game 4 of 2016 World SeriesChicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant (17) makes a bad throw to first base in the second inning. (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

Swinging away

Thus far this series, the downfall of the Cubs has been swinging at curveball off the plate. The Cubs chased outside the zone 51%. Second most of all of 4,860 MLB games this year. Capturing this the most was Willson Contreras third strikeout in the game. The Cubs really needed the run, being down 4-1 in the 8th inning. The runner on second base had to watch Contreras strike out on three pitches. The third pitch was especially bad, as represented by my drawing.

For this drawing of Contreras, I knew it was going to appear small on my scorecard, so I simply traced it on my laptop screen.

Drawing of Willson Contreras striking out for a third time in game 4 of 2016 World Series Willson Contreras photo reference

At least the scorecards for the next three games were much more positive.

Game four factoids


  • National Anthem: John Vincent
  • God Bless America: Julianna Zobrist (Cubs second basemen’s wife)
  • First Pitch: Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins
  • 7th inning stretch: Vince Vaughn
  • Attendance 41,706 (101.9% full)
  • Indians lead series 2-1
  • Wind blowing in 7mph, 59 degrees cloudy
  • Jason Hayward makes his first start since game 5 of the NLCS

1st inning (top)

  • First 123 inning in the first inning for the Indians this World Series

1st inning (bottom)

  • Dexter Fowler doubles because Rajai Davis misses diving catch in left field.
  • Anthony Rizzo hits RBI single, and steals second base.

Anthony Rizzo RBI single and stolen base (2016 World Series, Gam

2nd inning (top)

  • Carlos Santana hits first World Series home run at Wrigley since 1945 (Hank Greenberg of the Tigers)
  • First lead change this series. Lonnie Chisenhall scores. He reach first base on a throwing error by Kris Bryant. He later scores on a throwing error by Kris Bryant. Three of four Bryan’s postseason errors are balls hit to him by pitchers.
  • Pitcher Corey Kluber has an 8-pitch at bat and then singles

Carlos Santana hits first home run of 2016 World Series (Game 4

3rd inning (bottom)

  • Anthony Rizzo is hit by pitch on the elbow
  • Ben Zobrist has five straight foul balls, eventually strikes out swinging.

4th inning (bottom)

  • Javier Baez strikes out on three pitches.

6th inning (top)

  • Carlos Santana’s line drive single knocks Montgomery’s glove off at 111mph

6th inning (bottom)

  • Anthony Rizzo doubles off the ivy
  • Willson Contreras strikes out on three pitches.

7th inning (top)

  • Cubs center fielder Dexter Fowler dives and misses the ball
  • Justin Grimm wild pitch allows Coco Crisp advance to third base (he eventually scores)

Justin Grimm wild pitch (2016 World Series, Game 4 scorecard)

8th inning (bottom)

  • Dexter Fowler hits a home run
    • First Cub World Series home run since 1945
    • First Cub World Series home run by an African-American
    • First Cub World Series home run by 1-slot in batting order
    • First Cub World Series home run by a switch-hitter
    • First Cub World Series home run batting righty since 1938 (Joe Marty)
    • First Cub World Series home run by a CF since 1938 (Joe Marty)
    • First Cub World Series home run at Wrigley since 1935 (Chuck Klein)
    • First Cub World Series home run by inning leadoff since 1935 (Gabby Hartnett)

Dexter Fowler first Cubs home run in 2016 World Series (Game 4 s


  • Final score: Cleveland 7, Cubs 2
  • Now it’s Cleveland’s turn to blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals (reference to Cleveland Cavaliers who won the NBA Finals after being down 3-1 in 2015-2016)

Chicago Cubs lose game 4 of 2016 World Series, 7-2

Julia factoid

Before the game we read to Julia the book “Good Night, Cubs”

Julia reads Good Night, Cubs book (2016 World Series, Game 4 sco

Game 4 promos Chicago magazine ran on social media

Here\'s your scorecard for Game 4. Let\'s hope there will be three more! (Chicago magazine Facebook post)

Chicago magazine website
“The Cubs drew first blood but errors proved costly.”

Facebook post
“Here’s your scorecard for Game 4. Let’s hope there will be three more!”

“The scorecard from Game 4. Now we really need to

“So many mistakes and misses last night. Here they all are, in excruciating detail.”

Kris Bryant promo for game 4 not used by Chicago magazine:
Kris Bryant promo for Game 4 scorecard of 2016 World Series

Tomorrow’s scorecard

The game 5 scorecard is so exciting, because the Cubs get back on track! Stay tuned for the awesomeness.

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