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Game 4 scorecard for 2016 World Series

Game 4 scorecard for 2016 World Series

Nerve damage? I did so much writing and drawing, that the tip of my right middle finger became numb. The way I hold a pencil, my middle finger gets a lot of pressure. Whenever I write anything, I tend to push pretty hard. On the scorecards, I write really small, so I need more control, […]

1920 W516 1 Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Roger Hornsby, Tris Speaker, Ping Bodie

Five mystery cards revealed

Yesterday we featured the backs of five baseball cards. They come from the 1920 W516 set: #3 Ping Bodie #5 Tris Speaker #7 Roger Hornsby #8 Walter Johnson #1 Babe Ruth Notice how Babe Ruth is featured as a pitcher, one of his first Yankee cards. Hat-tip to Sports Collector Daily for discovering these cards […]

Scorecard of the 1932 Babe Ruth

Writing a scorecard in old-time cursive

Does your cursive handwriting stink? Try changing your cursive so it matches Abraham Lincoln’s. There’s all those Lincoln letters online. You can just trace them to practice. Your baseball scorecard can look like this one from the 1932 Babe Ruth “called shot” World Series game. Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the names all fancy-style. If […]

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