Customizing a scorecard for the 2016 World Series

This is post #3 of 13 daily blog posts covering my World Series scorecards. Every day a new blog post in the series will be posted.

Creating custom scorecards for Chicago magazine required a custom scorecard template, which included the Chicago magazine logo and the World Series logo.

Using official logos makes it all official

Chicago magazine logo

The logo for Chicago magazine was sent to me from their digital editor. He kindly asked me if I wanted to include it. Heck yeah! That would be awesome to have their logo authorizing my scorecard. He even gave me the official logo for the MLB World Series.

As a graphic designer who loves creating identity programs, I love seeing how others organize their branding guidelines.

World Series 2016 Style Guide

In case you were wondering, the official colors for the World Series are:

MLB postseason navy color Postseason Navy
Pantone 2767
CMYK: C 99, M 87, Y 42, K 41
RGB: R 019, G 039, B 074
MLB postseason red color Postseason Red
Pantone 199
CMYK: C 07, M 100, Y 85 K 01
RGB: R 220, G 000, B 049
MLB postseason gray color Postseason Gray
Pantone Warm Gray 10
CMYK: C 50, M 50, Y 54, K 17
RGB: R 123, G 109, B 101
MLB postseason light gray color Postseason Light Gray
Pantone Warm Gray 1
CMYK: C 14, M 14 Y 17, K 00
RGB: R 216, G 209, B 201

With logos in hand for the Chicago magazine and World Series, I needed to add them to my scorecard. I wasn

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Erik Maldre

I was blown away when I saw the official 2016 World Series style guide. It even says on there that it can be used only by authorized MLBP users. By Chicago Magazine

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