Infographic: Baseball players on twitter

How many players on your favorite baseball team are on twitter? made official twitter lists for each team. The average number of players on twitter per team is seven.

Baseball teams with the most current players on twitter:
The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays have 13 apiece.

Baseball teams with the least number of players on twitter:
The Brewers have two players. The Chicago Cubs have a mere one player, Edwin Jackson ?@EJ36

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Erik Maldre

just one for the Cubs? one? And the Brewers have two, then a bunch with four. The Cubs and Brewers are so lame. Who is the lone Cub? There’s definitely an ESPN effect in the AL East. That’s very interesting.

I’d like to see a chart with number of followers and number of tweets. It’d be sorta interesting to see OPS. I’d simply like to know who the most active tweeters are.


Brewers have waaaaayyyyyy more than 2. This data is horribly flawed.

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