Sammy Sosa 3d baseball card

Sammy Sosa 1996 Sportflix UC3 #104 Cubs

Continuing the fun with 3D baseball cards, my brother found this 1996 Sammy Sosa Sportflics card on eBay. I was so taken aback by the delight of seeing Sammy Sosa in 3d, that I sent a message to the seller of this card.

question about Sammy Sosa 3d baseball card

Hi tommybill100,
Sammy Sosa in 3D!? That’s like a real life Sammy Sosa! If I buy this card, does that mean Sammy Sosa will visit me at home?

What will tommybill100 say in response?

UPDATE: tommybill100 has responded! Read what he said in the comments.

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7 years ago

I love his response of “Sammy is on the way.” Tommybill is a cool seller. Part of the fun of going to card shops is interacting with the owners of the store.

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