Clark the Cub needs a t-shirt cannon

When Clark the Cub was introduced in January 13, 2014, the Cubs promised that he would never appear at Wrigley during games—avoiding the dreaded “mascot at games” thing. He would only do off-field appearances. The Chicago Tribune reports on January 13th, “The mascot also will greet fans at Wrigley Field before and during games, as well as assist kids in running the bases on Family Sundays. Families can visit Clark’s Clubhouse at Wrigley.”

I was at this Cubs convention when Clark the Cub was introduced. It was my only Cubs convention. Clark was certainly a highlight, as the Cubs were coming off consecutive 96-loss and 101-loss seasons. Here’s a photo of Clark with my dad.

My dad and Clark the Cub at the 2014 Cubs Convention when Clark was introduced.

Back then in 2014, Wrigley Field back was seen as an old-time classic field—where traditions hold place for generations. The tradition said that silly mascots don’t appear at the park during games. But now those traditions are starting to fade. Wrigley has giant video boards. Regular fans are excluded from more parts of the ballpark (parts of the upper deck). The bullpens are no longer on the field. Etc Etc.

Since these traditions are melting, might as well let Clark run around the park during games. At Chicago’s basketball games, Benny the Bull is hilarious to watch. Does he distract from the game on the court? Yeah. But man, he’s entertaining.

If action-packed basketball games could use extra entertainment, so could baseball games. Will Clark get a tshirt cannon? Sure! I’d love a free XL Cubs tshirt. Many Cubs fans will look down on me for that opinion. But seriously. If you are at a game, and a shrink-wrapped tshirt is launched towards your seat, you are going to love it.

Last week, Clark the Cub tweeted a photo of himself in the bleachers during a game. Yup. Clark in the bleachers DURING the game.

Clark the Cub in the Wrigley Field bleachers during a game

Thank you for breaking your promise, Cubs. Now give that Cub a t-shirt cannon!

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