Triple-header with three-inning games

This year double-header games in the MLB will be 7 innings each. Rather strange, a 7-inning game. Hmmm, I suppose I kinda like it. The game is a bit snappier. Double-headers don’t happen that often, so yeah, mix that up a bit.

The Cubs played a double-header a couple weeks ago. The game ended, and the radio broadcast on ended. Shouldn’t the broadcast continue for 20 minutes, and then the next game starts? Instead they are waiting two hours to start the next game.

I’d love to see thes second just start right away. Just do a two-minute break. It would be funny to see the starting pitcher of the first game continue playing into the second game. Effectively the same pitcher would be starting two consecutive games. Baseball like how it was in the 1880s!

Why stop at 7 innings? What if there was three-inning games? For one day in the year, a three-game series is played with each game as three innings long.

I don’t know if the same starting pitcher can play in each of these three games. Imagine a pitcher getting three wins all in one day!

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