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Clark the Cub was not the first Chicago Cubs mascot

Everyone is talking about the Cubs first mascot, Clark the Cub. However, he’s not the first Cubs mascot. You may have seen this scary delight from the 1920s: I guess Clark the Cub is better than their last mascot pic.twitter.com/YMj9Ddgn74 — John (@Manute_Troll) January 13, 2014 But the Cubs had another mascot. Back in the […]

What will Disney do about the Clark the Cub ripping off Kit Cloudkicker?

The new Cubs mascot, @ClarktheCub, is basically a Tailspin character: pic.twitter.com/q6xkkp844q — Jake Malooley (@jakemalooley) January 13, 2014 Perhaps Disney and the Chicago Cubs have formed a partnership. The Ricketts were looking for sponsors for Wrigley and Disney jumped at the opportunity to make another theme park. In fact, maybe the area around Wrigleyville will […]

The sad, sad eyes of Clark the Cub

The sad eyes of Clark the Cub

I actually think Clark the Cub is pretty cute, kid friendly, and I identify with the sadness deep in his eyes. — Leah C. (@lakeline) January 13, 2014 Even though the Cub tradition “bans” having a mascot, I say, why not. Bring on a mascot. It’s fun for the kids. Plus, I love the deep […]

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