What will Disney do about the Clark the Cub ripping off Kit Cloudkicker?

Perhaps Disney and the Chicago Cubs have formed a partnership. The Ricketts were looking for sponsors for Wrigley and Disney jumped at the opportunity to make another theme park.

In fact, maybe the area around Wrigleyville will be come known as Clarkville. You know Disney can never just release one character. They always do their licensing characters in groups, to sell more plush figures.

Addison the Cub is right around the corner. Hopefully they’ll develop an entire team of mascots, like the Olympics. They’ll have four Cub mascots. Addison, Clark, Waveland, and Sheffield. Then they’ll have a mascot race during the game. But instead of a race, it’ll be a parade, because that’s what Disney does. Parades.

Can you imagine fairy princess night at Wrigley Field?

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