Cubs’ Pat Hughes & dumpsters

Listening to the Cubs games on the radio, they always run these dumpster ads. Rather amusing to hear dumpster ads in conjunction with the Cubs. It has… certain implications—the phrase “this is a dumpster fire.” Thankfully, the Cubs have not been playing the era of “dumpster fire baseball”. (Although, the 101- and 96-loss seasons of 2012 and 2013 come to mind.)

Hey, anyone who advertises on Cubs radio is cool. Even dumpsters. Thank you, LRS Recycles for advertising on the Cubs radio (WSCR 670 AM)!

Since the Cubs announcer Pat Hughes is always mentioning this dumpster’s website,, I figure I might as well visit the site to see what they got.

As I load the website, I’m expecting to see a Cubs logo somewhere. Nothing too big, but something to make me, as a Cubs fan, feel welcome. But there is no Cubs logo. Not even a mention of “Cubs” in text on the homepage. Strange.

Not seeing the Cubs mentioned anywhere on their site makes me wonder if I typed in the wrong site. The URL does have three letters LRS. Maybe I typed one of them in wrong? Really. If you are spending the money to advertise on every single Cubs game, wouldn’t you put something on your site that welcomes Cubs fans?

I turn to Google to see if I got the right website. I google: “LRS recycles” “Cubs”. There are two results. TWO. The results aren’t even webpages. They are PDF files.

The first PDF is a Summer 2016 newsletter for Lakeshore Recycling Systems. The mention of the Cubs appears on the very last page of the 16-page PDF.

Whoa. This newsletter is from 2016! I guess they have been advertising on Cubs radio for that long! Yipes. It’s showing how much I’ve listened to the Cubs on the radio over the years—not much! Well, I’m listening now, so there we go.

The second result in Google is for the same newsletter PDF, but in Spanish.

And that’s it. Just two results on Google.

I thought maybe Lakeshore Recycling might have some other hidden page on their site that talks about how they partner with the Cubs.

How about Twitter? Maybe Lakeshore Recycling mentions the Cubs there?

Searching Twitter for: LRSrecycles Cubs. They have a three tweets—all from 2016.

Very cool to see a recycling company advertising for the Cubs. I’d like to see them tweet more about Cubs stuff.

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