Beat the Streak Strategy #4: One hit per game percentage

[UPDATED MAY 18, 2013]

2013 Topps #72 - Gerardo Parra

So far in 2013 the player who gets a hit in most of his games is Gerardo Parra. He’s gotten a hit in 35 of his 40 games.

The top 10 players with the best one-hit-per-game percentage in 2013:

Player Average Games
with a hit
Gerardo Parra .875 35 40
David Ortiz .87 20 23
Adam Jones .854 35 41
Starlin Castro .854 35 41
Miguel Cabrera .85 34 40
Evan Longoria .829 34 41
Alex Rios .825 33 40
Yadier Molina .825 33 40
Alex Gordon .816 31 38
Mark Trumbo .81 34 42


2012 Topps #176 - Nolan Reimold

The top 10 players with the best one-hit-per-game percentage in 2012:

Player Average Games
with a hit
Nolan Reimold .875 14 16
Derek Jeter .811 129 159
Melky Cabrera .805 91 113
Marco Scutaro .792 122 154
Salvador Perez .789 60 76
Mike Morse .782 79 101
Adam Jones .778 126 162
Kevin Frandsen .774 41 53
Troy Tulowitzki .766 36 47
Robinson Cano .763 122 160

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4 thoughts on “Beat the Streak Strategy #4: One hit per game percentage”

  1. So i see this was posted in 2011 but I’ve been actually searching for this statistic for a while now. Can’t really seem to find it. It would be useful in weeding out those players inconsistent players, but I can’t find a website anywhere that offers it. Any info would be appreciated

  2. In July 08, 2008 I came up with this:

    I’m changing my strategy around a bit. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which players tend to be the best at getting at least one hit per game? I’ve compiled a list of all the players in baseball and their percentage of not geting a hit in a game.Ian Kinsler is the best with not getting a hit in 14% of his games. One of the worst is Corey Patterson not getting a hit in 57% of his games this year.

    16 days later I wrote:

    i think my streak sucked, cuz i stopped my pirates strategy.i started to go with who has the best percentage of getting a hit in a game. 10 or so days ago, the top two players were Ian Kinsler who got at least one hit in a game 86% of the time. And Matt Holliday was 82%. So I went heavily on Kinsler and Holliday and never checked my streak.

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  4. ESPN/GO….has the stats on longest streaks (I.E. Games with at least 1 hit) Hanley Ramirez is leading all other MLB players with 18 games with a hit; so I played him tonight.

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