Beat the Streak Strategy #3: Detroit Tigers pitching

[UPDATED MAY 18, 2013]

2013 Topps Heritage #257 - Rick Porcello

I’ll tell you my new secret. Play anybody who is facing the Detroit Tigers. Their pitching staff is in their own league in terms of opponent’s batting average.

Here’s the four worst pitching staffs of 2013, based on average:

30th) Detroit Tigers .280
29th) San Francisco Giants .272
28th) Colorado Rockies .267
27th) Texas Rangers .266

The stats come from ESPN’s team pitching stats page. This strategy worked quite well. It’s fun always picking players against one team. Note, I have Rick Porcello featured. He has the highest batting average against on the Tigers staff with a .280 batting average against.

If you’d like to see the final numbers from last year, here’s the four worst pitching teams from 2012:

30th) LA Angels .274
29th) Colorado Rockies .274
28th) Texas Rangers .273
27th) St. Louis Cardinals .271

Notice, the Rockies and the Rangers are on the list for both 2012 and 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Beat the Streak Strategy #3: Detroit Tigers pitching”

  1. Although in 2011, I wouldn’t use a Pittsburgh Pirates strategy. They have the 18th best pitching staff.

    The worst ones so far in 2011 are:
    27 Arizona 0.273
    28 Chicago Cubs 0.276
    29 Kansas City 0.286
    30 Houston 0.302

    Wow. Teams are batting above .300 against the Houston Astros.

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