Beat the Streak Strategy #2: Geoff Jenkins / Jason Bay

Everyone loves a good cult-classic Pick Back in the mid-2000’s it was Geoff Jenkins. In 2013, it’s Jason Bay.

On May 22, 2006, Erik shared his strategy:

always start Geoff Jenkins.

We should note that 10 days later on June 2, 2006 Erik wrote:

I gave up on the Geoff Jenkins Experiment.

It’s funny that Erik would even have a Geoff Jenkins strategy, because in 2005 he wrote,

i hate geoff jenkins. I would have a 13 game streak going right now if it wasn’t for him.

I had a 6 game streak going and Ge-oooff broke that. Now The day after Ge-00ff screwed things up, I started another 6 game streak. I should be at 13 now instead of 6.

Who is the Geoff Jenkins of 2013? Jason Bay. lists Jason Bay in the simliarity scores for Geoff Jenkins.

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