Beat the Streak Strategy #1: Two hits the day before

What are your strategies and secrets for Beat the Streak? Asander asked this on my group board, so I’m compiling a master list of all the Beat the Streak strategies. So far I have nine strategies. I’ll post one every day.

Let’s start with strategy 1:

I always looked for players that had two hits the day before, and at least 10 hits during the past 7 days. My theory goes that if a player has only one hit the day before, he’s not hot enough. If he has three or more hits, then he’s too hot and he might figure to take it easy the next day. And the 10 hits during the past week is just a general rule of thumb for an overall hot hitter.

This is a nice strategy, you’ll see it fleshed out more when we get to “Strategy #5: Team pitching 30 days / Team hitting 7 days /  Individual hitting 7 days”

Stay tuned to as eight more strategies will be posted, one every day.

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