Idea for mlb’s Beat the Streak website

When looking at people’s picks in a Beat the Streak group, it would be fantastic if you could click on the player’s name to pull up their game log.

1 thought on “Idea for mlb’s Beat the Streak website”

  1. I obviously wasn’t able to start a post topic, but I wanted to throw a couple freebies.

    1)They should recap how the “picks of the day” did, for the previous day. People want to know how yesterdays “top” picks did EASILY. Right now it’s a hassle to figure out. (Not that I necessarily use the top picks 🙂

    2)There should be profiles of us, we the people, we who play this infuriating “fantasy” game! I want to know who “gottaweartheshades” is, and why he sabotaged himself! Also, the profiles should include our monthly averages, our fav picks and our ACTUAL ranking. I know I’m 10,000+ jerks! I want to know what rank I am. And I want to know how many other “active” players are playing.

    Thats it for now.

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