Beat the Streak Strategy #7: Top 30 players / Games with a hit

[UPDATED JULY 12, 2013]

This is very similar to the Beat the Streak Strategy #4: At least one hit per game percentage, but it’s a little simplier. It’s just how many games a player got at least one hit. I call this stat GH (Games with a Hit).

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[…] has not been too kind with me so far. I’m using strategy #7 this month: the top 30 players with the most GH from 2010. (GH = Games with a Hit). You’d think the top of the list should totally rock the start of […]

Erik Maldre

Can they put more glitter on the Cabrera card? Is this a disney princess card or is it a baseball card?


Hey just letting you know your stats for Goldschmidt are incorrect, he had 112 games with at least one hit last season. And freddie freeman should be high up on this list too and he is nowhere to be found.


Hi there, love your site. I was wondering how you get this data… I can’t find it anywhere! I want it for a project I’m working on, but can’t figure out how to extract it from other stats. Could you help point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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