When will the Cubs announce the lottery results for World Series tickets

Every Chicago Cubs fan is anxiously awaiting the results of the lottery draw for World Series tickets. For me the tension is greater than any of the NLCS games. I can barely stand it.

After analyzing the past lottery announcements we can say it could have been announced on Sunday and could be as late as Tuesday, October 25.

Tickets for the NLCS were announced the day after the Cubs won the NLDS and it was three days before Game 1. We’re already past the “day after” announcement. It’s highly doubtful they’d wait three days before the game since the World Series starts on Tuesday in Cleveland. Since they won on a Saturday they probably decided to avoid a Sunday announcement and is saving it for some time today, Monday.

Timeline of past lottery announcements:

9/26/2016, 5:53pm, Monday: mlblists.com announce winners/losers of NLDS ticket lottery

10/7/2016, Friday: NLDS Game 1 in Chicago
10/11/2016, Tuesday: Cubs win NLDS

10/12/2016, 3:40pm, Wednesday: mlblists.com announce winners/losers of NLCS ticket lottery

10/15/2016, Saturday: NLCS Game 1 in Chicago
10/22/2016, Saturday: Cubs win NLCS

10/25/2016, Tuesday: World Series Game 1 in Cleveland
10/28/2016, Friday: World Series Game 3 in Chicago

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2 thoughts on “When will the Cubs announce the lottery results for World Series tickets”

  1. I got an email last night (10/24/16) notifying me I was selected, and was able to purchase 4 total tickets to two different games today!

    Not sure if a second wave will be announced. But my wife still hasn’t received news that she wasn’t selected like we received for NLDS and NLCS.

    Go Cubbies!!

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