Trading card dynamics: Elly De La Cruz’s attraction prevails despite cold streak

Amidst Elly De La Cruz’s recent struggles, his popularity remains steadfast.

On a weekly basis, Beckett unveils its compilation of trending and cooling figures in the trading card realm. This week’s edition of the list, however, presents an interesting twist. Notably, Elly De La Cruz has secured the 8th position on the ranking of the most prominent players across all sports.

Curiously, De La Cruz’s recent performance hardly aligns with this “hot” status. His downturn commenced after the Reds positioned him in the leadoff spot.

Elly De La Cruz at leadoff

July 17 – August 9 (22 games)

  • .207 / .281 / .414
  • 64 wRC+
  • 2.23 AB per SO (39 strikeouts in 87 AB)
  • 1 stolen base, 3 caught stealing

Elly De La Cruz at cleanup

Conversely, when stationed as the cleanup hitter, Elly De La Cruz exhibited a different prowess.

June 6 – July 16, 2023 (33 games)

  • .297 / .333 / .478
  • 117 wRC+
  • 16 SB, 2 CS

Nevertheless, it’s worth acknowledging that the hot/cold list primarily gauges a player’s allure among collectors. In spite of his current slump, Elly De La Cruz continues to resonate positively with collectors, underscoring his enduring appeal.

Years later what everyone remembers are the highlight key moments. Like when De La Cruz stole 2nd, 3rd, and home in the same at bat. No matter what De La Cruz ends up doing the rest of his career—whether it’s a bust or the Hall, we’ll all remember this incredible achievement in just his 29th career game.

I’m still waiting for my Elly Topps Now card to arrive.

As of right now, Elly holds four of the top ten highest-selling 2023 Topps Now baseball cards

  • Victor Wembanyama – Basketball Star Throws Out 1st Pitch in the Bronx – 48,654 copies
  • Shohei Ohtani – MLB Doubleheader First: 1st SHO of Career in Game 1, 2 HR Encore in Game 2 – 33,887 copies
  • Elly De La Cruz – 2nd Player Since 1961 to Steal Three Bases in a Plate Appearance – 30,759 copies
  • Elly De La Cruz – Youngest Player to Hit for Cycle in 51 Seasons – 28,242 copies
  • Elly De La Cruz – Smokes 112-MPH Double for First MLB Hit – 25,773 copies
  • 2 Anthony Volpe – Yankees Top Prospect Makes His Big-League Debut – 19,614 copies
  • Elly De La Cruz – 1st Career HR Exits at 114.8 MPH, Travels 458 Feet – 18,972 copies
  • 505 Shohei Ohtani – 6th Ever in Modern Era with 10 Ks, 2 HRs in Single Game – 17,031 copies
  • 22 Anthony Volpe – Collects 1st Hit and Runs Into Yankees Record Book – 14,094 copies
  • 579 Shohei Ohtani – 35th HR Passes 2022 Total and Ties Game with One Flip of the Bat – 13,499 copies

I’d like to know what his sliding glove says. Take a closer look at the original photo captured by AP photographer Morry Gash.

It looks like some sort cupcake with sprinkles and script writing.

MLB tweeted a close-up shot of the glove.

Elly De La Cruz's ice cream sliding mitt is absolutely ridiculous 🔥

“Absolutely Ridiculous” haha. Please tell me the Hall of Fame has this glove now.

Looks like Bryce Harper also has one of the ice cream gloves. You can buy them at Currently priced at $84.99, they are all sold out.

screenshot of email promotion for miami ice rare edition drop from absolutely ridiculous

I’m getting way off topic here, but check out this sweet glove hat they are about to drop. Called the “Miami Ice Rare Edition Drop”

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