Rookies with 20/20 seasons

Did you hear the stat about how Elly De La Cruz is the player to reach 10 HR and 20 SB the fastest ever?

I’m not a fan of quirky combinations like that. I’d rather hear about who is the quickest to 10/10 or 20/20. can’t crunch those numbers right now (the server keeps timing out). Instead, I looked up which rookies had 20/20 seasons. There are 14 players.

Currently Elly has ten home runs and twenty stolen bases. Thus, he’ll need ten more home runs to reach 20/20. The Reds have only 36 games left this year. It took him 50 games to get 10 HR. Maybe he’ll go on a home run binge? Good luck. He hasn’t had a home run in his past 14 games. It looks like he won’t be getting to 20/20 in his rookie season.

Who are the 14 rookies to get 20/20?

Rookies with 20/20 seasons
2023TBDCorbin Carroll2138
2022ROY-1Julio Rodríguez2825
2022ROY-4Bobby Witt2030
2021ROY-1Randy Arozarena2020
2017ROY-2Andrew Benintendi2020
2012ROY-1Mike Trout3049
2007ROY-4Chris Young3227
1999ROY-1Carlos Beltrán2227
1997ROY-1Nomar Garciaparra3022
1995ROY-1Marty Cordova2420
1987ROY-5Devon White2432
1987Ellis Burks2027
1977ROY-2Mitchell Page2142
1966ROY-1Tommie Agee2244

Hitting 20/20 pretty much guarantees you a Rookie of the Year vote. However, look how Ellis Burks didn’t get any Rookie of the Year votes in his 1987 campaign with 20 HR 27 SB.

So far no 20/20 rookie has reached the Hall of Fame. Of course, Mike Trout is going to change that. Maybe even some of the other recent guys like Julio Rodriguez. Time will tell. But from 1966 to 2007 there has been eight rookies to get 20/20. None are in the Hall. This 20/20 rookie stat doesn’t really punch your ticket.

Which rookie reached 20/20 the fastest?

YearTeamPlayerGames to reach 20/20 in rookie season
2012LAAMike Trout88
2023ARICorbin Carroll94
2022SEAJulio Rodríguez107
2007ARIChris Young112
1987CALDevon White116
1987BOSEllis Burks122
1977OAKMitchell Page122
2022KCRBobby Witt123
1997BOSNomar Garciaparra123
1999KCRCarlos Beltrán133
1995MINMarty Cordova136
2021TBRRandy Arozarena141
1966CHWTommie Agee148
2017BOSAndrew Benintendi151

Move aside Elly, another rookie is breaking out

All this talk about Elly De La Cruz, but check out Corbin Caroll this year. Only 94 games to reach 20/20. That’s a National League record!

So sad that Elly De La Cruz won’t be reaching this 20/20 group in his rookie season. It’s rather funny that some of the media is making such a big deal out of his 10/20 achievement.

Quoting from the Sports Illustrated article, “Elly De La Cruz of the Cincinnati Reds Surpasses Barry Bonds in the Baseball History Books“:

And any time you are mentioned with Bonds in baseball history, you're in esteemed company.

He is one of the most prolific hitters in baseball history, hitting a major league-best 762 career home runs and driving in 1,996. He also stole 514 bases, was a 14-time All-Star, an eight-time Gold Glover and a seven-time MVP.

So are we saying that Elly De La Cruz will be going on a steroid binge half-way through his career?

Also, note that Barry Bonds didn’t have a 20-20 season his rookie year. He ended up with 16 HR and 36 stolen bases.

Let me back-track. I don’t mind random numbers like the quickest to 10/20. It’s fun to track stats. But I don’t like making the impression that some player is the best ever because he reached a random number set. Especially when the random number set is not taken within context of other performances. 14 other players reached 20/20. Elly probably won’t.

Update: Anthony Volpe will likely get 20/20 in his rookie season this year. He’s currently at 17 HR and 20 stolen bases. He’s played in every single game this year for the Yankees. 125 so far. That’s a HR every 7.35 games. To get three more home runs means he needs about 21 games. The Yankees have 37 games left.

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3 thoughts on “Rookies with 20/20 seasons”

  1. Of course, the day after I predict that Elly will not reach 20/20 this year, he hits a home run. So now he’s up to 11 HR, 21 SB. 34 games left.

    Maybe this comment section will become the Elly tracker for the rest of the season.

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