Jeimer Candelario the candelabra Lumière

The Cubs’ newest 1B/3B Jeimer Candelario came over from the Washington Nationals. He got his MLB start playing five games for the Cubs in July 2016. Of course, 2016 is the Cubs championship year, so he’s got a Cubs World Series ring. He tweeted about it when he got his ring in 2017 in Iowa.

I don't have a baby but this World Series ring is gonna sleep with me the whole year 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #Cubs#letsgo#

Jeimer Candelario’s nicknames

His last name is pronounced can-duh-LAR-ee-oh. I like to call him candelabra. Or from “Beauty and the Beast”, the candelabra named Lumière. A Google search shows that nobody has ever called him “Lumière.” Here’s hoping Lumière lights the Cubs path to another championship.

For fun, Midjourney generated this image of Jeimer Candelario holding a candle while dressed like Lumière.

Jeimer Candelario holding a candle, while dressed like Lumière

Baseball-Reference says his nicknames are “Candy” or “Baby Ruth.”

Other random stuff about Jeimer Candelario

He lists John 14:6 in his Twitter bio.

But it looks like he never signs with that Bible verse inscription. (I keep track of that stuff)

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