Predictions for the Home Run Derby 2013


Who will win the Home Run Derby for 2013? Here’s my predictions:

  1. Prince Fielder, Tigers: He’s won it twice before. He’ll win it again for the third time to join Ken Griffey Jr as the only players to win the home run derby three times.
  2. Michael Cuddyer, Rockies: Every year it seems there’s someone who surprises everyone. Cuddyer will be that man. Even though I hate picking a Rockie for this.
  3. Pedro Alvarez, Pirates: I don’t even know who this guy is. But I’ll pick him, because I don’t like five of the other options.
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, A’s: Again, who? Why not. Yoenis!
  5. David Wright, Mets: Now we get to the players who I think will not peform well. Wright will be crushed by the pressure of the hometown fans.
  6. Robinson Cano, Yankees: He’ll be too busy thinking about how people aren’t booing him this year.
  7. Bryce Harper, Nationals: Left knee injury is always an excuse for why didn’t do well in the derby.
  8. Chris Davis, Orioles: He’s so hot this season, he’ll be too concerned about messing up his swing after the all-star break.

Here’s the Odds to Win from

  1. Chris Davis (BAL) 11/4
  2. Prince Fielder (DET) 15/4
  3. Yoenis Cespedes (OAK) 11/2
  4. Bryce Harper (WSH) 11/2
  5. Pedro Alvarez (PIT) 11/2
  6. Robinson Cano (NYY) 6/1
  7. David Wright (NYM) 9/1
  8. Michael Cuddyer (COL) 12/1

I love how they pick Chris Davis first. Please. Every year there’s a huge disappointment, Chris Davis will wear that beanie cap in 2013.

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4 thoughts on “Predictions for the Home Run Derby 2013”

  1. 1. Bryce Harper: Yeah, he has the knee injury and it doesn’t look good for him. But he’s BRYCE HARPER. Mickey Mantle hit 500 billion home runs with two bad knees. Bryce Harper can win a homer derby with a banged up knee. I remember him hitting softball bombs during the first break of the season in a park next to the Washington Monument. That was cool. This will be cool, too.

    2. Pedro Alvarez. I never heard of him. People are saying “he’s big”. So that’s enough for me to slot him in second.

    3. Chris Davis. HGH good. HGH real good.

    4. Prince Fielder. He’s getting too old for this. Wait… he’s only 29? Oh. whoopsie.

    5. Yoenis Cespedes. He’s 5th only because the rest of the guys in this thing don’t even belong there.

    6. Michael Cuddyer. He hits home runs? Not really. In his 13 year career he has averaged 21. What is this dope doing there? David Wright is an idiot.

    7. Robinson Cano. He’s averaged 25 home runs over 9 years. Doesn’t belong there.

    8. David Wright. No. He’ll be lucky to hit 3 home runs.

  2. In response to your picks, Erik:

    1. I hope Bryce Harper wins. That would be cool. That’s like when a wrestler comes back from an injury and kicks butt in the ring. But not during a real match, but when he storms down when nobody is expecting and kicks butt.

    2. I have not heard this big thing.

    3. Your HGH explanation is funny.

    4. Prince knows what he’s doing. He will eat it alive.

    5. That’s how I feel about my 5th pick.

    6. I’m telling ya. Cuddyer will surprise everyone. You need a sleeper pick. I’m going almost all full-force with my sleeper. Second place. You can’t defeat the Prince.

    7. Cano won one of the years.

    8. LOL. He’ll stink it up and be all like, “awww, shucks. I’m playing at home in front of everyone.”

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