Honus Wagner T206 or two one-million dollar bills?

Which would you rather have? A Honus Wagner T206 baseball card or two one-million dollar bills?

Honus Wagner T206 or two one-million dollar bills?

Someone recently paid $2.1 million dollars for a Honus Wagner card. However, $2,105,770.50 is not the highest every paid for a baseball card. That honor goes to a PSA 8-rated T206 Honus Wagner card for $2.8 million in 2007.

With Honus Wagner going for millions, it seems like his photo should appear on the million dollar bill.

Which would you rather have? The Wagner card or the million dollar bills? You can answer on Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or in the comments on this blog post. I’ll copy your answer and post it on this list:

  • I would rather have the two million dollar bills. I bet the two million dollar bills are worth more than two million dollars because of their rarity. I’m betting they are worth ten million dollars. [from Matt Maldre]
  • I would rather have two million one dollar bills. [from Scott Backer of Twitter]
  • I would rather have 2m. The card can go to nada very quick. [from Abhay on Instant Messenger]
  • I would rather have the money. I could use it! [front Ellen Levitt on Quora]
  • I would rather have the Honus Wagner card: a million dollar bill doesn’t exist.  [from C.M. Latsha on Quora]
  • I would rather have Honus Wagner T206 [from Michael Edwards on Google Plus]
  • I would rather have _______________
  • I would rather have _______________


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