Ricketts Wrigley Field mockup vs the real Jumbotron ads mockup

How the advertising will really appear on Wrigley Field's Jumbotron and outfield

The original mockup by the Ricketts makes the outfield advertising look all nice and pretty. The Jumbotron has nice green ads to match the nice green Jumbotron, which matches the original scoreboard. But these are just mockup ads to hide how loud the real advertising will be.

My brother took the Ricketts’ mockup and put advertising from real sponsors of the Cubs. This is what Wrigley Field will look like soon. Check out the real mockup at http://www.unlikelymoose.com/blog/comments/P2073_0_1_0/

My brother says:

I just want the public to be properly informed. It’s interesting how Ricketts is using the threat of moving as a smokescreen to cover up the reality of dump truck advertising he’s dumping into the stadium.

It’s too bad that the Cubs owners have to be deceptive about what the ads will look like. What do you think of the advertising in Wrigley Field? Should we plaster ads all over the park? Are the Ricketts being deceptive with their mockup?


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