Favorite tweets from Game 3 2016 NLCS

The Cubs may have lost game three of the NLCS to the Dodgers, but I’m still celebrating the Cubs loss. Here are my favorite tweets from the game:

#WhiteSox fans remember Rich Hill as the guy on the mound when this happened:
That’s a pretty funny trivia point! Going way retro. Hard to believe there are still active players today from that game.

I love pop ups.
Cubbies were doing a lot of this during the game.

If the Cubs get shut down by Rich Hill 40 years after he crapped his pants against Arizona in the NLDS, I’m going to lose my mind.
Yeah, bizarre how THE Rich Hill of the 2007 Cubs is the same unstoppable pitcher the Cubs are facing tonight.

The Cubs are currently trailing a pitcher who spent a good part of the third inning yelling at a fly.
Rich Hill looked like a crazy old man on the mound talking to invisible people. I’m glad someone else noticed.

Nice of the fans to throw a beach ball on the field, but I'm not sure the #Cubs could hit that either.
A bit of a stupid joke, but truth to it in this game.

Cubs need to steal some signs. Fairly soon.
This is in reference to the Dodgers catcher claiming that Zobrist as a runner on second was stealing signs from him, and relaying it to the Cubs hitters. Uhh, ok. You guys still won that game, y’know.

Suggested Cubs batting order: 1 Bryant 2 Bryant 3 Bryant 4 Bryant 5 Bryant 6 Bryant 7 Bryant 8 Bryant 9 Bryant  Would have 9x the hits
Bryant is having a decent series. Let’s clone him.

If moron Cogs had just run into Blanton might have gotten interference.
I thought the same thing! How can the pitcher not have been called on interference? Oh wait. Coughlan slid into first avoiding the pitcher.

While I don’t like crass language, this tweet got me to totally laugh out loud. There are so many of these stupid pill ads on the game! I have to get up and walk around between innings just to avoid them.

#Dodgers #Cubs Anybody remember when Angel Hernandez was a quality umpire?  Neither do I
A tweet from a Dodger fan. We can all unite in our dislike for Angel Hernandez. Look out, he’s making the calls behind the plate in game 4!

Love Rizzo putting his arm around his teammates in the dugout.
Cubs announcer made a nice observation about Rizzo, so I replied back with some larger-than-baseball thoughts on humanity.

Kinda sums up Twitter. You give a thought and someone takes actual time out of their life to tell you it doesn't matter. I love people.
And then some schmuck has to be all jerky about Len’s tweet, and Len gets all disappointed in Twitter.

Programming note: Fox has changed the start time for the remaining games of the NLCS to 19:08.
This is totally bizarre. It’s true too! Not only is the start time 19:08 (a reference to when the Cubs last won the World Series in 1908), but Fox did change the start time. The last two games had an undetermined start time, so this choice by Fox at this point in the game was rather… odd.

You know its a bad night when Baez can't make a play. 6-0
Báez bumpled a play to home plate–granted there was no error, and he wasn’t going to get the runner out anyways. But still.

If I don't squint, the score kinda looks like 0-0. And that's comforting.
I should have glasses, but I don’t. So I find this really amusing, because sometimes I get the score wrong just by looking at the TV.

Teams with consecutive shutout wins with 4 or fewer hits allowed in a #Postseason series:
This is the MOST FREAKIEST stat ever! The 1908 Cubs and the 1919 White Sox. And now the 2016 Cubs. Whoaaaa.

UPDATE: A couple more tweets I found through a twitter search for

Anthony Rizzo wins "Troll of the Year" for stealing that base after 80 consecutive pickoff attempts by Rich Hill #NLCSGame3
This steal was fantastic! Rizzo has only three steals for the entire 2016 season, yet for some reason Rich Hill kept throwing to first. Even Ken Rosenthal asked Rich Hill about it in the post-game interview. Hill totally avoided the question!

Any chance Arrieta is distracted by Larry King eating in the front row? #NLCSGame3 @wlsam890
At the start of the game, I was wondering if that was Larry King. One time my family had front-row seats behind home plate. Back in 2005.

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