How to determine your favorite MLB team in 2016

What MLB team plays your style of baseball? What would your criteria be for picking your favorite team? When evaluating players for my Hall of Fame, I use three criteria:

  • low strikeouts
  • high stealing
  • excellent defense

In other words: contact hitting, speed, and defense. If I apply those three criteria to the 2016 MLB teams, my six favorite teams in order are:

  1. Giants
  2. Indians
  3. Reds
  4. Nationals
  5. Red Sox
  6. Rangers

The full list of all 30 MLB teams, sorted by their average ranking:

MLB teams chart

My IRL favorite team, the Cubs, are in the middle of the pack at #14. They strikeout way too much, and rarely steal. But they are the best defensive team. At least that kinda makes up for their deficiencies in the other two areas.

The two teams at the bottom: Cardinals are last. Mets are second to last. Rather fitting, as these two teams are the Cubs’ nemesis.

Funny, the Brewsers strike out the most, but they also steal the most. Go figure. Maybe they have to steal bases, because they can never get the bat on the ball to advance the runner!

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