Did you C the Cubs new hashtag this year?

I don’t know how I feel about having an annual slogan.

Part of me is amused and impressed by how they can generate something new every year. Sure, have some fun. Whatever.

Part of me thinks it’s so overstretched, and so clearly trying to sell tickets.
“You have to see it” is not something fans would say. It’s something marketing would say. This is not the fans’ hashtag. This is the Sales Department’s hashtag.

List of the Cubs hashtag slogans

2016: (Try Not to Suck, Embrace the Target)

The hashtags in 2015 and 2016 made sense. They were things fans could stand behind.

In 2017, it started to become forced. The only people who would say is when people would use it ironically. Like Cubs hit into a bases-loaded double play to end an inning

I would never dare say after a player hits a home run.

EverybodyIn. Um, yup, that’s Sales talking.
WhereStoriesPlay. LOL. That sounds like some sort of tagline for a TV special. It’s not somethign fans would say.
CubTogether. Really?
ItsDifferentHere. Ironic given the year before they just traded away all their big name players.
YouhavetoSeeit. This one will look kinda awkward on a t-shirt. Maybe that’s intentional for it to have some dark humor.

Actually, are these slogans that are meant just for the Cubs accounts to use? Sure, they are happy when other people use them. But c’mon, people don’t speak like that.

Reddit user SpoilermakersWabash says, “Thereisalwaysnextyear” was my personal favorite.

If the Oakland A’s had a sloga, this year it would be: Gone in A Flash.

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