Neon design for 2024 Topps baseball card base set

The design of the Topps baseball cards really stand out. The use of neon is really unique. For years the base set of Topps baseball cards was just very… safe. Nothing really out there. One of the things that makes the cards of the 1980s really stand out was the unique designs of each set. And now this year we have a set that stands with those 1980s cards.

This morning I got an email from a card seller promoting the 2024 Topps regular set. Here is a screenshot of part of the email.

This year’s design really does play to lots of fun imagery with neon lights.

Then it struck me that these promos were totally built for a light-emitting screen. These neon lights look really cool on a screen, because they literally emit light. I’m curious how the cards end up looking in print. Here’s hoping that they did a UV gloss over the neon parts of the card design.

Here’s some other cards close up.

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