Rip Guess game: the art of baseball card guessing

How to slowly enjoy opening baseball cards, without paying the big price.

Every day I pull out one card from a baseball card pack. It’s my way of enjoying pulling baseball cards more, without having to spend the $$$ to buy new packs all the time. Because, as we know, cards aren’t really sold in packs anymore. They are now sold in boxes. It’s tempting to rip through an entire box, because all the cards are right there.

But I’m not into collecting cards to find the rare foil autographed relic. I like the stories. The designs. The stats. Not the thrill of the chase.

Now when I open a pack, I’m careful to slice open the top of the pack so that I can slide out one card at a time. There are some days that I don’t pull out a card because I forget. And that’s ok. I do this more for the fun of being able to pull a card out.


Today I was taking my daily card from a Topps 2022 Heritage pack. As I slowly pulled out the card, I noticed all the years and teams on the card. Hmmm, who could this player be? Before entirely pulling out the card, I was trying to think… who played for the Royals a bunch, and then the Padres, and then the Red Sox. The Red Sox part stumped me, but I do recall a certain first baseman who played for the Royals and Padres – Eric Hosmer.

Indeed, it is Eric Hosmer. I heard recently that he retired.

I realized this might be a fun thing to do when opening baseball cards. Now it seems so obvious, certainly others have done this too?

If you’d like to play this guessing game, here’s the specific instructions

How to play the Rip Guess game

  1. Get a pair of scissors and neatly trim off the top of the pack.
  2. Slowly slide out one card. Make sure the back of the card is facing you. If you start pulling out the card with the front facing, switch to pull the card from the other side of the pack.
  3. Pull out the card just enough to show the years and team names.
  4. Make your guess.

Optional: take a photo of your pull and post it online for others to guess.

We could use a hashtag for this game. What should it be? feels right. It’s succinct and not widely used on Twitter and Instagram.

From time to time, I’ll be posting my cards on Twitter with my @57hits account. However, I won’t post these to Instagram, because the hashtags don’t work on Instagram anymore. Take a look at the #ripguess hashtag on Instagram. There are 31 posts. But you can only see ONE post. Just one! Where are the other 30? Instagram shows only the “top” posts for a hashtag now. Instagram started doing this sometime in 2023. It really makes hashtags useless on Instagram.

Here’s where I’ll occasionally post cards

I invite you to join in posting cards on any social media platform (other than Instagram)

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