C.J. Wilson, the most interesting man in baseball

C.J. Wilson is cool. I'm gonna follow him on twitter @str8edgeracer

Another reason why learning about baseball players from the backs of baseball cards is cool.┬áThe back of his “2013 Topps Opening Day” card says,

C.J. has been called “the most interesting man in Baseball.” He can recite poetry in four languages; he practices Eastern philosophies and a gluten-free diet; and he’s an expert in postmodern art.”

We need more interesting people like this in baseball. A guy who likes art and baseball? He should check out my art blog, spudart.org.

He recently took these photos in Chicago:

str8edgeracer-Room-with-a-view str8edgeracer-Mini-city-view-michigan-avenue

You can follow him on twitter, @str8edgeracer and his website, leftylefty.com.

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7 years ago

C.J. Wilson is an “expert in postmodern art”? He needs a blog about postmodern art. Outside of photography, he really doesn’t mention postmodern art in his twitter profile. He gives a laundry list of interests.

I’m going to give it a try following him on Twitter. Though I’ve found following professional athletes to be quite a bore. It ends up being largely a narcissistic exercise, like listening to a teenage girl talk about herself all day long. Though Topps does call him the most interesting man in baseball.

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