Five World Series team records the Cubs could break in 2016

Even though the Cubs haven’t reached the World Series since 1945, they have played in a lot of World Series games in the first half of the 20th century. In fact, the Cubs played in the third most games.

Most World Series games played, 1903-1945

  1. Yankees (72 games)
  2. Giants (72 games)
  3. Cubs (53 games)
  4. Cardinals (47 games)
  5. Tigers (44 games)
  6. A’s (43 games)
  7. Red Sox (32 games)
  8. Pirates (26 games)
  9. White Sox (20 games)
  10. Reds (19 games)
  11. Senators (Twins) (19 games)
  12. Dodgers (17 games)
  13. Indians (7 games)
  14. Browns (Orioles) (6 games)
  15. Phillies (5 games)
  16. Braves (4 games)

The Cubs team records are like a slice in time from that 1903-1945. Certainly there are some records that will fall. The five records that I hope the Cubs will break in this 2016 World Series:

  • .588 slugging percentage record held by Hack Wilson (min 15 AB)
  • No individual Cub player has hit two home runs in one World Series game
  • Most home runs by Cubs team in one game: 2 (1932, game 3 vs. NYY. Kiki Cuyler RF and Gabby Hartnett C)
  • Most double plays in one game: 2 (1918, 1932, 1945)
  • Most runs in one game: 10 (1908)

For a complete list of all the Cubs World Series records, check out All the Chicago Cubs World Series records.

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