Die-hard Cubs fans in obituaries

The Chicago Cubs are about to play their first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945. I would like us to remember all the the Cubs fans who have passed away before being able to see the World Series in Wrigley Field.

During the 2016 playoffs, there are over 40 obituaries that include being a lifelong Cubs fan.

This list is in honor of all these Cubs fans. Quoted from each obituary is the sentence mentioning the Cubs. Please do the honor of visiting some of these obits to read the entire biography of these loved people.

Passed away before Cubs clinched National League pennant:

(sorted by age)

Lindsay K. West, Age 28 of Morton, formerly Washington
28 years old (July 29, 1988 – October 20, 2016)
“She was a talented softball and basketball player. She was an avid Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs fan.”

Daniel J. Brace of Independence, IA
52 years old (August 14, 1964 – October 16, 2016)
“Friends are encouraged to wear Iowa Hawkeye or Chicago Cubs attire to the visitation.”

Michael “Mike” Stamey of Morristown, TN
60 years old (June 6, 1956 – October 14, 2016)
“He was also passionate about sports; a true die-hard fan of the Chicago Cubs and UT Volunteers.”

Ronald D. Swiger of Pekin, IL
64 years old (July 28, 1952 – October 11, 2016)
“In honor of Ron, and his love of the Chicago Cubs, Cub attire is encouraged for those attending.”

Joseph Rivera Sr. of Joliet, IL
69 years old (October 6, 1947 – October 19, 2016)
“He was a Die Hard Chicago Cubs and Washington Redskins fan.”

Stephen Michael Swide of Spokane, WA
69 years old (July 25, 1947 – October 19, 2016)
“Steve’s passions included following Chicago Cub baseball, designing intricate HO model trains and landscapes, and fishing.”

Dennis “Michael” Swanson of South Bend, IN
69 years old (March 3, 1947 – October 18, 2016)
“Mike enjoyed fishing, baseball (Cubs), and spending time with his children and grandchildren.”

Kenneth Majors, Jr. of Waukegan, IL
72 years old (August 10, 1944 – October 9, 2016)
“He was an avid Cubs fan who loved working around the house and completing house projects.”

73 years old (Age 73 – October 12, 2016)
“Peter was a loving husband, father and grandfather who was a lifelong Cubs fan.”

Karl K. Koch Sr. of Manitowoc
73 years old (September 8, 1943 – October 11, 2016)
“Karl Koch Sr., age 73, a resident of Manitowoc, and life-long Cubs fan, entered eternal life on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at his residence.”

Charles A. Abbott of Dawson
75 years old (January 12, 1941 – October 13, 2016)
“Charles was a member of the Dawson Community Club and spent all his life as an avid Cubs fan hoping this would be the year.”

Judith Marie Amoroso of Barrington, IL
78 years old (January 21, 1938 – October 15, 2016)
“She died a lifelong Cub fan, with many years spent with the kids growing up at Wrigley Field and unfortunately, like many, never saw them in a World Series.”

William D. Smith of Springfield, formerly Peoria
86 years old (April 27, 1930 – October 16, 2016)
“He loved golfing, fishing, reading, traveling to Europe, making wooden crosses (230) and the Chicago Cubs.”

Mr. Floyd E. “Hot Dog” Shinn of Galesburg, IL
87 years old (October 24, 1929 – October 21, 2016)
“He was an avid Cubs fan and enjoyed golfing.”

Arthur Ahten Jr. of East Peoria
87 years old (March 17, 1929 – October 14, 2016)
“Arthur was a loyal Chicago Cubs fan.”

Clifford Thomas Benham of Waukegan, IL
90 years old (October 5, 1926 – October 16, 2016)
“Cliff enjoyed playing cribbage, going to Lake County Community Concerts, going to Northwestern basketball games, and was a lifelong Cubs fan who loved to watch them at Wrigley Field whenever he could.”

Shirley Tempel of Michigan City, IN
90 years old (August 5, 1926 – October 17, 2016)
“She was a Chicago Cubs fan and attended many games throughout her life.”

Opal E. Brickley of Davenport
91 years old (October 15, 1925 – October 17, 2016)
“She was a Cubs fan and enjoyed playing cards, traveling, dancing and being with friends and family, especially her grandchildren.”

Charles Swanson of South Bend, IN
91 years old (May 21, 1925 – October 12, 2016)
“He enjoyed bowling and was an avid Chicago Cubs fan.”

Donald Appell of Des Moines
92 years old (July 10, 1924 – October 18, 2016)
“He loved his family, bourbon highballs, the Cubs, golf, Louis Armstrong, and pitch in that order. … We believe that Don died knowing that the Cubs had bested the Giants in the top of the 9th inning on October 11th.”

Elsie M. Swartz of South Bend, IN
92 years old (May 19, 1924 – October 16, 2016)
“She was employed by St. Joseph Hospital, was a Rosie the Riveter during World War II, loved playing poker and bingo and was an avid Chicago Cubs and Notre Dame Football fan.”

Corbett Ashley of Avilla
93 years old (October 16, 1923 – October 14, 2016)
“He was an avid fisherman and loved to watch the Cub’s play baseball.”

Joyce Balka of St. Joseph, Michigan
93 years old (July 1, 1923 – October 14, 2016)
“Joyce was a dedicated fan of Chicago Cub’s baseball and Notre Dame Football.”

George Zervos, of Crown Point, IN
94 years old (age 94 – October 12, 2016)
“He was an avid fisherman and lifelong Cubs fan; even happy to know they won the NLDS Series.”

George Zervos of Crown Point, IN
94 years old (January 19, 1922 – October 12, 2016)
“He was an avid fisherman and lifelong Cubs fan; even happy to know they won the NLDS Series.”

Bernice I. Duhigg of Genoa, IL
96 years old (May 22, 1920 – October 14, 2016)
“She was a lifelong Cubs fan.”

Passed away after Cubs clinched the National League pennant

Kevin Troesch of Springfield
51 years old (February 25, 1965 – October 22, 2016)
“He was an avid Cub’s fan and a hardworking man.”

Lori Ann Skeens of Delaware
62 years old (April 4, 1954 – October 26, 2016)
“Lori was a loyal Cubs fan.”

John Snyder of Lowell, IN
62 years old (December 1, 1953 – October 24, 2016)
“John was a 1972 Lowell High School Graduate, an Air Force Vietnam Veteran, head of Security for the Chicago Sun Times Printing Plant, enjoyed the outdoors, bird watching and was an avid CUBS fan who bled Cubbie Blue.”

Patrick Tribby of Sioux Falls
64 years old (May 22, 1952 – October 24, 2016)
“Patrick loved the Chicago Cubs, The Chicago Bears and whoever was playing the Vikings.”

Allen V. Sikorski of Belleville, IL
72 years old (July 25, 1944 – October 24, 2016)
“He was a lifelong Cub fan.”

Norbert G. Werk of Kenosha, WI
74 years old (January 20, 1942 – October 22, 2016)
“He liked watching world soccer games, an avid Packer, Brewer and Cub fan (go all the way Cubs!).”

Dorothy Ann Balvanz of Waverly, Iowa
75 years old (September 21, 1941 – October 22, 2016)
“She was an avid Iowa Hawkeye and Chicago Cubs fan and kept stats of each the Cubs games. “

Janie Camp of Osakis, MN
75 years old (January 4, 1941 – October 27, 2016)
“She also enjoyed outings with her Red Hat friends and cheering for her beloved Chicago Cubs. As a lifelong Cubs fan, she thoroughly enjoyed being able to watching them win this year’s pennant race.”

William J. Deegan of Tinley Park, IL
80 years old (Age 80 years – October 22, 2016)
“Bill was a proud Air Force Veteran, a Northwestern University Graduate, a mediocre golfer, and a lifelong Cubs fan.”

Donald P. Weber of Oscelo
83 years old (November 14, 1933 – October 24, 2016)
“He was an avid Cubs, Bears, Colts and Notre Dame fan, and he loved his Harley.”

Raymond E. Lukowski of Hammond, IN
84 years old (age 84 – October 23, 2016)
“He was a Die Hard Notre Dame and Cubs fan.”

David Lesher Carlson of Tempe, AZ
85 years old (November 12, 1931 – October 23, 2016)
“David became a rabid fan of the Drake Relays and made the trip to Des Moines, Iowa for 50 years. Although a lifelong Cubs fan, he was sorely disappointed in the baseball strike. He came back to full fan status and was aware of the Cubs going to the World Series before passing.”

Duard Bellamy of
85 years old (March 30, 1931 – October 23, 2016)
“Duard was an avid lifetime Chicago Cubs fan and was excited when the Cubs recently clinched the National League Central Division title.”

Elmer Louis Steinbach of Mayville, WI
85 years old (January 24, 1931 – October 25, 2016)
“He also enjoyed watching sports especially the Chicago Cubs and this year was an exciting one for the Cubbies!”

Robert W. Haskins of Woodstock, IL
87 years old (May 11, 1929 – October 25, 2016)
“He deeply loved his family, cherished his dogs, was a life-long fan of the Chicago Cubs, enjoyed all activities outdoors, and admired all of God’s Creation.”

Clyde Eugene Bartock of DeMotte, IN
89 years old (age 89 – October 23, 2016)
“He was a Chicago Cub and Indiana University Basketball Super Fan and enjoyed crafting model airplanes, fishing, duck hunting and socializing with his abundance of friends.”

Joyce Schwaiger of Kenosha, WI
89 years old (October 17, 1927 – October 23, 2016)
“She was also an avid Packer, Badger and diehard Cub fan. GO CUBS!”

Richard (Dick) Maier Stern of Vero Beach, Florida
90 years old (August 30, 1926 – October 25, 2016)
“He taught his children to love many sports; but in particular he loved baseball. He loved the idea that the Chicago Cubs had earned a spot in this years World Series and dearly would have loved enjoying this event with them.”

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