Which is the best team in the 2013 MLB playoffs? [infograhic]

All eight teams in the playoffs have over 90 wins in the regular season.

  • 97-65 Boston Red Sox
  • 97-65 St. Louis Cardinals
  • 96-66 Oakland Athletics
  • 96-66 Atlanta Braves
  • 94-68 Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 93-69 Detroit Tigers
  • 92-70 Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 92-71 Tampa Bay Rays

That race is too close to call.

Let’s take a look at three key stats that bring out how good a team is in batting, running, and defense.

  • For batting we’ll use AB/SO
  • For running we’ll use stolen bases
  • For defense we’ll use zone runs

Yes, I’m not using batting average, or slugging, or even WAR. Just good ol’ which team strikes out least often.

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