Two Cubs players have not thanked the fans on Twitter

Sixteen Cubs are on Twitter. 14 of them have tweeted thanks to the Cubs fans for the great season (see all 14 tweets). That means two of the Cubs players with Twitter accounts have not thanked the fans yet for the great season.

Javier Báez (@javy23baez) and Fernando Rodney (@F_Rodney56)

1. Javier Báez (@javy23baez) has a fair amount of tweets with 1,398; but none for the fans. However, he did play just 28 games due to an injury and the death of his close sister. We are definitely looking forward to what Báez will do next year.

2. Fernando Rodney is another player who spent only a small portion of the season with the Cubs. He arrived to the team via a trade on August 27th. Having only been with the team for a little longer than a month, it’s understandable that he didn’t thank the Cubs fans. Plus factor in that his twitter account @F_Rodney56 has only 228 tweets–where he mostly retweets images of himself doing the Air Arrow.

Maybe Rodney and Baez are enjoying their time off from the long season. Hopefully as the World Series continues, Rodney and Baez will give a shoutout to the Cubs fans.

Follow the 16 Cubs players via this handy Twitter list, 2015 Chicago Cubs players. I plan on making a new Cubs list for every year.

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