Collection of thanks from 14 Cubs players on Twitter

What a wonderful season for the Cubs. Thirteen of the Cubs players have publicly thanked the fans for the great season.

Rizzo’s tweet has the most retweets and favs among all the Cubs.

Hammel’s tweet got the least amount of favs and retweets. Awww.

Dan Haren’s tweet is more to all of baseball, but we’ll take it. The guy is retiring from the game he loves.

Pedro Strop @pstrop46, thanked the fans by retweeting the WrigleyBlog. We’ll count that.

David Ross calls the Wrigley crowd “amazing.” We’ll count that as a thanks.

Dexter Fowler gives it up to Chicago during the playoffs. In his 38 tweets since the end of the playoffs, he hasn’t given an official tweet thanking the fans, but we’ll count this one.

Tomorrow we look at the two Cubs who have not yet thanked the fans.

Follow the 15 Cubs players via this handy Twitter list, 2015 Chicago Cubs players. I plan on making a new Cubs list for every year.

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[…] Cubs are on Twitter. 14 of them have tweeted thanks to the Cubs fans for the great season (see all 14 tweets). That means two of the Cubs players with Twitter accounts have not thanked the fans yet for the […]

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