Game five tickets for a series sweep

You have tickets for game five in a best of seven series. Certainly your team can win one game so you can see them play? Right? Have you ever had that happen where your team gets swept the game before the tickets you had to see them play?

That’s happened to me twice in my life–both with the Cubs. Once in 2007 when the Cubs got swept by the Diamondbacks in four games, I had tickets for game five at Wrigley Field. I was to see the game with my dad. Seeing your team get crushed in four games is heartbreaking. Not even able to see your team eek out one win so you can see them in person.

The second time is this year (2015) with the Cubs getting swept by the Mets. The Cubs had the better record. They just crushed the Cardinals in the series prior. Things were looking up. But then the Cubs lost all four games, and I’m left with game five tickets in my hand. So close. I’m at least thankful for the potential opportunity, and for a great season.

Today Outlook just gave me a past due reminder to leave for Wrigley Field on last Thursday.

Thanks, Outlook. I wish I could have gone.

I’ll set an office reminder for next season.

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