The meaning behind the shape of PECOTA’s piles of dirt

The PECOTA standings predictions makes each team look like a snail. Or a pile of dirt.

It’s curious how some piles of dirt have different shapes. The Texas dirt pile has three peaks. Whereas the Seattle pile is a one very distinct sharp peak.

I suppose the single sharp peak means that Seattle is very stable. Very likely to get that peak amount of wins. Whereas the Texas triple peak means the team is not very stable. They might get their middle peak. They stand a good chance at being really good. But that third peak means they might also be really bad.

Cincinnati has a little bit of a second bump in their pile that indicates they might be really good. Probably due to all the young talent they have on their team, like Elly De La Cruz and Matt McLain.

I’m glad to be a fan of the NL Central. People talk about how the NL Central doesn’t have any good teams. But you know what? We have four teams that are all in a dead lock. That makes for an exciting season. Plus, the NL Central’s worst team, the Pirates, aren’t nearly as bad as the other NL worst teams of the Nationals and Rockies.

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