Chicago Cubs feed on BlueSky

Tired of Twitter’s unpredictable algorithm? Seeking more control over your feed? Enter BlueSky, a refreshing alternative to Twitter.

Maybe you should try BlueSky, one of the Twitter alternatives.

A great thing about BlueSky is the ability to follow custom feeds. These feeds can be about anything. I made a feed that includes posts about the Chicago Cubs.

Anytime a post includes the Chicago Cubs or the names of the 2024 Cubs players or coaching staff, that post will be included on the feed. It’s a nice feed to follow. There aren’t a ton of posts, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Although right now, I’d have to honestly say that BlueSky is not yet a complete replacement for Twitter—at least in the world of baseball. Most of the live posting happens on Twitter. A handful of baseball people are on BlueSky. But BlueSky is a lot more peaceful and has a much better mission than Twitter.

Last year BlueSky required an invite code. But that requirement is now lifted. Anyone can join. If you are on BlueSky, please consider following my baseball account

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