The late 80s and early 90s were a golden era of baseball cards

1987 Topps assorted pile

After reading this article, I’m convinced that the 10-year period of the late 80s and early 90s really is a golden era of baseball cards.

People think of it as a junk era. But this era is about the collectors. Soooo many collectors, because there were so many cards. Really. There is no other time when there were such a plethora of cards EVERYWHERE. And so readily available for kids to collect. The prices where cheap. The cardboard was abundant. This made it possible for millions of youth to collect cards.

All of us together is whats makes this a golden era.

The ESPN deputy editor tells his story about being a boy collecting baseball cards in the 80s and 90s. And what he did with his 150,000 cards as an adult. “My priceless, worthless baseball cards

The twitter replies on the article are fantastic. Over 150 responses. Here’s a few:

I just read this ... loved it. I could never get rid of my early 90s cards. (from @BUlawyer)
Thank you for that beautifully written piece on holding onto a part of our childhood.  Room suddenly got very dusty. (from @ic2107)
Man amazing article, I absolutely loved it. I can really related to the cards 100000%, and seeing those Griffey cards really makes me regret not having my Griffey cards anymore. My situation was kind of similar as a child. (from @CEWoods85)
I feel this. immersed in cards from 86-93. one of the few things I have left from childhood. lost about 1/3 to a flood a few years ago. thought about selling recently, found the same audience, just holding on. Priceless, worthless.  Well said. You had me at Kevin Maas (from @andykcooper)
Great piece, Ryan. My story is similar to yours....parents divorced at age 7, and at some point later on I delved into the world of cards. I spent a large portion of my middle school allowance and lawn mowing money on cards....mainly Darryl Strawberry ones. Oh, hindsight.... (from @radighieri_mktg)

The responses go on and on like this.

Now the 80s and 90s era of baseball is getting more attention as the players from that time period are entering the Hall of Fame. Guys who started their careers in the late 80s.

All the players who debuted since 1985 who are in the Hall of Fame:

HOF induction...MLB Debut
2020 Derek Jeter.....1995
2020 Larry Walker....1989
2019 Edgar Martinez..1987
2019 Roy Halladay....1999
2018 Chipper Jones...1993
2018 Jim Thome.......1991
2017 Ivan Rodriguez..1991
2017 Jeff Bagwell....1991
2016 Ken Griffey Jr..1989
2016 Mike Piazza.....1992
2015 Craig Biggio....1988
2015 John Smoltz.....1988
2015 Pedro Martinez..1992
2015 Randy Johnson...1988
2014 Frank Thomas....1990
2014 Greg Maddux.....1986
2012 Barry Larkin....1986
2011 Roberto Alomar..1988

I love the 80s and 90s baseball. This timespan is when I collected baseball cards in grade school and high school. During that time, there was A LOT of talk about how great the 50s and 60s were.

The 50s and 60s get a lot of attention as a golden era of baseball cards. The stars are incredible. The cards are rare, thanks for people throwing them out before realizing their value. Let the 50s and 60s be a wonderful era of baseball cards. But also allow the late 80s and early 90s to have their due for greatness. Not because cards are rare. But because the fans are plentiful.

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