Chicago Cubs 2020 alternate slogan

With all this talk about stripping the Astros of their championship, thankfully there as been no talk of stripping the 2016 Cubs of their World Series championship.

That’s right.


Or in German: Meisterschaft zum ersten Mal in einhundertacht Jahren

Screenshot of Google Translate: Championship first one in one hundred and eight years

As the German language often does, let’s mash together a bunch of words into one long word:


Could that be the Cubs slogan for 2020? I know it’s rather backward looking, because it’s celebrating a championship from four seasons ago. But why not? We had to endure a stupid goat for so many years. I want to see Meisterschaftzumerstenmalineinhundertachtjahren on stickers and tshirts.

Ain’t nobody taking away our Championship! *hugs the World Series trophy*

The real Cubs slogan for 2020 is “Where Stories Play”. Which is a lot better than previous years slogan “Everybody In”. That “Everybody In” totally sounds like some marketing department dreamed up the slogan. It says “Everybody, buy your tickets.

Look at this promo, it literally has the tickets call-to-action under the slogan.

Everybody buy your tickets! We want your money, you must be in.

This year’s slogan “Where Stories Play” puts the emphasis on why lots of people follow baseball–for the stories. And since that’s the case, we are all reliving 2016, so why not just go with Meisterschaftzumerstenmalineinhundertachtjahren.

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