Starlin Castro’s ranking among the all-time Chicago Cubs greats

With Starlin Castro traded to the Yankees, where does he stand among the all-time Chicago Cubs greats? Starlin played six seasons for the Cubs. His 3,524 at bats places him 28th among all Cubs. Therefore, we can use that 28th ranking as a benchmark for his other stats. Anything above 28 would be above what is expected. Anything below 28 would be worse.

Infographic showing Castro's stats for all-time Cubs


  • 11th: Ground into double plays
  • 15th: Strikeouts
  • 19th: Caught stealing
  • 22nd: Sacrifice flies
  • 22nd: Hit by pitch
  • 26th: Doubles

28th: At bats

  • 29th: Hits
  • 29th: Singles
  • 32nd: Stolen bases
  • 38th: Games
  • 39th: Homeruns
  • 41st: Triples
  • 42nd: RBI
  • 48th: Runs
  • 71st: Walks
  • 394th: Sacrifice hits

While I’m sad to see the era of Starlin Castro end with the Cubs, he didn’t exactly perform all that great. Castro’s three highest rankings are for ground into double plays, strikeouts, and caught stealing.

He does a smidge better with doubles. His hits and singles are pretty much where they should be for his 28th position in at bats. Then the other offensive stats rather fall down after that.

End result? Castro should be a top-30 Cubs based on the number of his at bats; however, we should remember Starlin Castro as a top-40 Cub. That’s actually quite good for his six seasons aged 20 to 25. We wish Starlin the best of luck with the Yankees. I hope he can end up ranking among the all-time Yankee greats (I say that with a tongue in cheek). As Bleed Cubbie Blue points out, “one thing he’ll have to change with the Yankees is his uniform number. No. 13 is taken — by Alex Rodriguez.”

To be fair with Castro on the SO, GiDP, and Caught Stealing; most modern-day players rank high in those areas. Comparatively

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Erik Maldre

Good luck to Starlin Castro and especially good luck to the New York Yankees. I do hope he goes on to be a Hall of Fame player. He’s only 25 and immensely talented.

However, he’s the type of person that needs motivation every single day. And by that I mean every… single… day. If you’re not on him every… single… day then he gets distracted and under-performs immensely.

I speak this from experience. Some people are self-motivated and don’t need constant monitoring. Others… not so much.

It’s going to take a great deal of effort, no an enormous amount of effort, energy and time from the New York Yankees staff to get Starlin Castro to be the player he can be. And that’s why I say I hope he becomes a Hall of Famer, because that means some unsung hero on the Yankees staff put in an incredible effort to keep Mr. Castro focused.

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