2nd most exciting World Series game ever: WS 2017 game 5

The second most-exciting World Series game happened last night with the Astros defeating the Dodgers 13-12. The game talled a 1.322 WPA.

WPA is Wins Probability Added. A stat that scores how dramatic each play is. A game-changing home run will have a high WPA rating.

The most-exciting World Series game ever is the 2011 “David Freese” game.

  1. 2011 game 6 (STL-TEX)
    Final score: 10-9
    1.374 WPA
  2. 2017 game 5 (HOU-LAD)
    Final score: 13-12
    1.322 WPA
  3. 1960 game 7 (PIT-NYY)
    Final score: 10-9
    1.251 WPA
  4. 1908 game 1 (CHC-DET)
    Final score: 10-6
    1.136 WPA
  5. 1993 game 4 (TOR-PHI)
    Final score: 15-14
    1.102 WPA

Also, the 2017 game 2 ranks 15th! Amazing that one year’s World Series would have two of the top 20 most-exciting games!

Top 20 best World Series games

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