My first (and second) card of 2024

Walgreens is selling their blaster boxes for 25% off. I couldn’t believe a 2024 box being on sale. I thought this was a mistake, that Walgreens wanted to sell their 2023 boxes for a discount. I brought up the 2024 to the counter, and sure enough, it was 25% off.

I already have enough 2023 boxes at home that I’m still opening. I take out only one card a day. But I couldn’t resist getting a 2024 box. There’s something about opening the current year’s boxes. (and yeah, I have to say “boxes” these days instead of packs, because cards aren’t really sold in packs anymore).

With this 2024 box, I’ll continue to do the same thing—take out one card a day. My first card pulled out was nondescript. Taylor Ward a six-year player with the Angels.

The second pull was much more exciting. Elly De La Cruz! And it’s his official rookie card. Sure, there was a lot of De La Cruz cards produced in 2023. But none in the major Topps set.

Now I’ll store these cards with the sticky notes. It’s nice to know years from now the history behind how I pulled some of these cards.

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