How to score Topps 67-card hanger packs for just $6.99! (instead of $12.99)

Have you noticed how outrageously expensive baseball card packs have become these days? They’ve shifted away from selling packs and moved on to selling boxes, making it even harder to enjoy the simple pleasure of opening a pack without breaking the bank. I strongly believe that packs should be more affordable, perhaps priced at just $1 to make them accessible to everyone.

In 2020 and 2021, Walgreens sold 67-card hanger boxes for $9.99. Now Walgreens sells hanger boxes for $13.99. That comes out to 20.8 cents per card. A bit much for a quick indulgence, if you ask me. I’d rather slap a buck on the counter and get a simple cheap hit.

But here’s a clever hack to score baseball card boxes at a fraction of the cost.

Utilize the coupons available at Walgreens. Last week, I had a coupon for $7 off any purchase over $20.

Now, consider the Topps hanger boxes at Walgreens, priced at $13.99. To meet the $20 threshold for the coupon, I picked up some discounted candy. As a result, that $13.99 box effectively cost me just $6.99.

While it’s still a bit more than I’d ideally like to spend on a pack of cards, this box contains a whopping 67 cards. With the coupon, that’s an astonishing ten cents per card! Those are the affordable prices I’ve been yearning for.

To put it into perspective, if I were to buy a ten-card pack at ten cents each, it would also amount to a $1 pack.

Here’s the kicker: I’m not planning to sift through all 67 cards in one go. Instead, I intend to savor the excitement by drawing just one card each day. This way, my “pack” will last me a delightful two months.

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