MLB app sending notifications for old games

This morning MLB accidentally pushed notifications to users about games from the 1970s.

iOS notification saying, "Expos @ Padres. The Expos beat the Padres, 4-3, WP: Carl Morton(9-14), LP: Fred Normal(2-10)
Screenshot from r/baseball on reddit

People are wondering what happened. Did an intern accidentally send this out? Another user jokes, “Judging by the Braves game notifications I’m receiving this morning, that Hank Aaron guy looks like he’s going places.”

Let’s make this an actual feature. I’d sign up to get retro notifications from a team from a particular year. In particular, I’d like to get a daily notification of what the 1989 Cubs did on this day.

Today I would receive a notification saying that the Cubs (18-18) beat the Braves (18-20) by a score of 4-0. Winning pitcher Mike Bielecki. Losing pitcher Calvin Schiraldi. This ended the Cubs’ five-game losing streak. In his first at-bat as a Cub, Lloyd McClendon hit a 3-run home run in the 2nd inning. This was the first Cub home run since May 5th.

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1 thought on “MLB app sending notifications for old games”

  1. Siri is pretty bad at providing baseball stats. Any time I tried asking for a stat, it just returns with the latest game score of either that player’s team or the Cubs. This is especially noteworthy when asking such questions during the offseason.

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