Is this the real Ian Stewart twitter account?

Ian Stewart acting like a monkey on twitter

The $2-million third baseman for the Cubs is a real wildcard on twitter. This year he got demoted from the major league club to Triple-A Iowa. People questioned his dedication to the game, because while he was in Iowa, he took three days to report to the minor league club.

It was all a mystery as to what Ian Stewart’s intentions are.

But now it’s all completely transparent on twitter. Clearly, he’s pissed.

One fan, JMcpherson46, tweeted:

@IAN_STEWART_2sc I sent a card of yours to wrigley to sign and I never got it back! 🙁

Ian replied back with:

@JMcpherson46 I’m not at Wrigley!

He also tweeted this:

Then he has bizarre tweets where he’s outright flirting with girls on twitter. Nevermind that he’s a married man.

I was never a fan of Ian Stewart due to his low batting average the past two seasons of .156 and .201. But one of the ways I enjoy baseball is the stories behind the game. Wins aren’t that huge to me. It’s more the storylines. Ian Stewart is starting to craft a very interesting story line this year with this activity on twitter surrounding his demotion to Triple-A Iowa.

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3 thoughts on “Is this the real Ian Stewart twitter account?”

  1. And now he’s released. It will be interesting to see if anyone signs him. He’s been batting .168 in AAA with a bunch of strikeouts, his defense is poor, he’s been injury-prone the past couple seasons at age 28, and he clearly is a liability off the field given his Twitter activity.

  2. 12:34
    Erik Maldre
    the yankees are talking to ian stewart

    Matt Maldre
    oh man
    good luck!
    you know who should talk to ian stewart?
    i can’t even think of anyone
    not starbucks
    oh i know
    trucker driver companies
    he can yap all he wants on the thing
    the radio thing
    he’d love it
    and he wouldn’t be stuck in Iowa
    he could drive all over the place

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